A Domino's store that we shopfitted

Our History

Sigmafix. Who we are and what we do.

Company Philosophy

To provide a level of service that exceeds our client’s expectations. In addition to providing the service required, we constantly strive to add value to our client’s business.

Company Purpose

  • To fulfil a niche in the market in the form of a “One Stop” solution
  • To provide uplifting and quality service
  • To maintain competitive and market related rates
  • To be driven by quality and expertise
  • To have a strong commitment to service levels and ethics
  • To create an environment of trust in all our clients

How we came to be

We started off 20 years ago in the building industry mainly in Pretoria and surrounding areas and made a name for ourselves by constructing landmark developments, especially the building of numerous blocks of flats in Wonderboom South, to developing and building 120 + full title units, factories and houses.

For the last 8 years we turned our focus to the shopfitting industry, offering our clients a one stop turnkey operation covering all the various aspects of shopfitting.

Combined, our management team has more than 80 years construction, shopfitting and managerial experience. We also have 10 construction teams that consist of highly skilled individuals with vast experience in shopfitting and construction.